Shrink Wrap Bags

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Gift Basket Shrink Bags · Shrink Bags

80 and 100 gauge Shrink Basket Bags - . Our super clear gift basket bags are manufactured from the finest crystal clear P.V.C. Easy open, odorless, food-grade, super strong seals, made from tubular film, no side seams. Try our shrink basket bags one time and you will never have to search for this item again, guaranteed! Choose Dome bags for smooth shrinking around rounded objects like basket handles, or standard square bottom bags for rigid corner items like boxes.
Square Shrink Bags

Rectangle Shrink Bags • Square Shrink Bags

All of our rectangle shrink bags & square shrink bags are produced from crystal clear, super strong, food-grade seamless tubing. While most of our rectangle shrink wrap bags are 100 gauge, we do offer a nice line of 80 gauge rectangle or square shrink bags that are perfect for packaging light weight items such as jewel cases, small gifts, cookies, candies, coffee mugs and soup crocks. Our 100 gauge bags are perfect for wrapping market trays, gift boxes, nested boxes or square or rectangle-shaped gift baskets.
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