5 ways to save with one product


Check out the top 5 ways to save time and money this summer with Elkay Pan Liners from Prism Pak

#5 Quick and Easy Food Storage
Just lift from the pan and close with a twist tie.

#4 Increases Food Yield
Nothing gets left in the pan!
#3 Pan Wear and Tear
No sticking, burning or discoloring of pans.

#2 Cleanup Time
Eliminates cooked-on residue, aka endless scrubbing.

#1 Labor Costs $$
Save time and resources cleaning, scrubbing and/or finding other storage containers.

Pan liners are the easy way to lower labor and cooking costs in the kitchen.

Use them to line pans in the oven, line soup pots or on the serving line to eliminate cooked-on residue that requires endless scrubbing. We carry a wide array of sizes to meet your needs.

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