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Poly and Nylon Pan Liners

Regardless of which line of pan liners you choose, nylon or poly, you're getting a product that has been tested to withstand temperatures of 400°F. LK Packaging pan liners save you money by reducing your clean up time in a busy kitchen and can extend the life of your pans because of less scrubbing.

  • Poly Pan Liners

    Value Plus Poly Pan Liners are made from LK exclusive PTL (polyethylene terephthalate) material, which offers performance comparable to standard nylon pan liners (temperature range of +400°F to -100°F) at a per-unit cost that is about half that of nylon liners.
  • Nylon Pan Liners

    LK Packaging nylon pan liners save you money by reducing your kitchen clean up time and by extending the life of your pans from less scrubbing.

Benefits of Pan Liners

Top 11 reasons to use Pan Liners

  1. Cost-effective saving labor costs and time by cutting clean-up time in half.
  2. Excellent for short-term food storage. Just lift them from the pan and close with a twist tie!
  3. No sticking, burning or discoloring of cooking pans
  4. Eliminates pan/pot scrubbing – only need to sanitize the pan before reuse
  5. Value Plus Pan Liners are heat-resistant to (+) 400 degrees F and freezer-safe to (-) 100 degrees
  6. Microwavable
  7. Tear resistant for serving pans
  8. Convenient sizes available for all popular pan sizes
  9. Easy to use – throw liner away and sanitize pan
  10. Space-saving packaging - Packed in convenient liner dispensing cartons or rolls w/twist ties for HD Pan Liners
  11. Clear usage instructions printed in English and Spanish!