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Welcome to our collection of Micro Perforated Bags, the ultimate packaging solution for preserving the freshness and enhancing the presentation of your artisan and crusty breads, as well as various fresh produce. Our bags are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring high-quality packaging for your valuable products.

Made from crystal clear .8 mil BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), our micro perforated bags offer impressive transparency and high gloss, allowing your products to shine through. They are FDA-compliant for direct food contact, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your goods.

Handling and machinability are made easy with our wicketed micro perforated bread bags. The bags are unperforated at the top and bottom for added strength, while the header features linear perforations for a clean break away from the lip. This design ensures convenience in handling and protects your products during transportation and storage.

We offer a range of convenient sizes to suit your specific needs. Additionally, our micro perforated bags come with two options for perforations. The 30 holes per square inch option is perfect for partially cooled baked goods or produce, limiting moisture and heat exchange to keep your products fresher for longer. On the other hand, the 160 holes per square inch option is designed for hot out of the oven baked goods, allowing rapid heat and moisture dissemination to maintain crustiness while cooling.

Our micro perforated bags are not limited to bread packaging. They are also suitable for a variety of fresh produce, including vegetables, cakes, cookies, cheese, and even flowers. The moisture release properties of these bags make them versatile and ideal for maintaining the quality of moisture-sensitive products.

Conveniently stocked in boxes of 1000 bags per box, with 4 wickets of 250 artisan bread bags, our micro perforated bags are ready to meet your packaging needs. Choose our bags to showcase your products beautifully while keeping them fresh and protected.

Shop our collection of Micro Perforated Bags today and experience the difference in freshness and presentation. Give your artisan bread, sourdough bread, and fresh produce the packaging they deserve. Shop now and elevate your packaging game with our high-quality micro perforated bags.
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