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Micro Perforated Bags | BOPP Bakery Bags

Our wicketed micro perforated bread bags are the premier packaging solution for all artisan and crusty breads. Made from crystal clear .8 mil BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) & FDA-compliant for direct food contact, our artisan bread bags are wicketed for ease of handling and machinability. They are unperforated at the top and bottom of the bag for added strength and are linear perforated on the header for a clean break away from the lip.

The BOPP film used to make our micro perforated bread bags is strong, flexible with high gloss transparency giving an impressive display of your products. We offer 6 convenient sizes, as well as 2 options of perforations - either 30 holes per square inch, or 160 holes per square inch.
  • 30 hole/in2 is designed for partially cooled baked goods or produce. These perforated artisan bread bags limit the exchange of moisture and heat and are designed to keep baked goods and produce fresher, longer.
  • 160 hole/in2are designed for baked goods hot out of the oven. The frequent pattern of tiny holes allow heat and moisture to disseminate rapidly, thereby allowing your product to cool while maintaining crustiness.
Micro perforated artisan bread bags are suitable for the packaging of all fresh produce giving rise to moisture release such as breads, cakes, cookies, cheese, fresh vegetables and flowers. Conveniently stocked in boxes of 1000 bags per box. (4 wickets of 250 artisan bread bags)

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