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Custom Ice Bags

Custom Ice Bags are a perfect way to advertise your brand! We have short lead times, so you never have to wait long for our wicketed ice bags. Durability is also very important to us, so we ensure our custom ice bags can handle any weight they're gauged at. You can count on us!

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Prism Pak: Compliant Packaging Solutions for Ice Products

Stay in compliance with FDA and State Health department regulations for packaged ice with Prism Pak. We understand the importance of proper labeling and offer tailored packaging solutions to meet your needs.

FDA Ingredient Requirements and Accurate Statements

Packaged Ice must meet FDA ingredient requirements, and all information provided on the bag and in your product marketing must be accurate. Our packaging solutions ensure that you adhere to these regulations.

FDA Regulations for Food Package Labeling

The FDA requires specific information, including Statement of Identity, Net Weight, and Manufacturer, Packer, and Distributor Information, to be displayed prominently on the package. Our packaging designs ensure that these required details are easily visible to purchasers, even when the packages are stacked in retail freezers.

Statement of Identity

The Statement of Identity refers to the FDA nomenclature for the Name of the Food. For most Packaged Ice manufacturers, the Name of the Food is simply "ICE." However, if your ice is made with 100% water purified by reverse osmosis, it can be labeled as "PURIFIED ICE." We help you accurately describe your ice product while ensuring compliance with FDA guidelines.

Net Weight

To meet regulatory standards, the net weight must be indicated in both U.S. Customary System terms (pounds and ounces) and metric (grams and kilograms). Our packaging solutions include clear and visible net weight declarations in both units, allowing for easy understanding by consumers.

Manufacturer, Packer, and Distributor Information

Packaged ice must display the name and location of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. If the entity is listed in a city directory or recognized phone book, the street address is not mandatory. We ensure that this information is prominently placed on the package, making it easily visible to consumers. Including a phone number for contact convenience is suggested but not mandatory. While a website address can be included for consumer convenience, it does not replace the need to adhere to the aforementioned requirements.

Customized Ice Bag Styles

At Prism Pak, we offer a range of customized ice bag styles to suit your specific needs:

  1. Custom Printed Ice Bags With Cotton Drawstring

    Ideal for hospitality, retail, convenience stores, special events, and promotions, our custom drawstring ice bags feature a single cotton drawstring. This design allows for easy closure, handling, and transportation of ice cubes while keeping hands warm and dry.

  2. Custom Printed Plain Top Plastic Ice Bags

    Made from folded polyethylene sheeting, our custom-printed open-top ice bags are sealed at each side. They can be customized with or without a bottom gusset and with or without a lip. These bags are commonly used for retail ice sales.

  3. Custom Printed Plastic Ice Bags On a Wicket

    Our custom wicketed ice bags are designed for use with automated ice cube packaging machines. These bags are packaged on a "U"-shaped wire, typically in groupings of 100 to 250 bags. Featuring a side weld with two holes in the lip, these bags are efficient and easy to use with semi-automatic packaging machines.