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Custom Printed Bags

Prism Pak, Inc., is the expert source for custom bags - whether you need custom bag sizes, custom bag blends or custom bag types. We've got you covered. We have been a production & design leader in the flexible packaging industry for over 25 years. We take pride in offering both stock products and custom products designed to meet your needs. We make getting a quote request easy! Choose the Bag type from the menu and fill out the form or toll free number 1-800-569-1266


Printing Capabilities:

Up to 8 Colors
4 Color Process
Max 36" Repeat
Surface or Reverse
Roll to Roll for Form
And Seal Equipment

From 61" Wide
Parent Roll to 2" Web

Film Types:

Hi/Lo Density
Coextruded Films
Shrink (PVC)

Materials Available:

100% Linear Low Density Polypropylene
2-3 layers

Industries Served






Gift Wrapping
Yard Goods
Disposable Diapers
Single Service Ware

Frozen Foods

House & Garden


Clean Room
Medical Device

  • Custom Biohazard Bags

    Custom printed biohazard bags are perfect for institutions with a bilingual or multi-lingual staff. These medical bags can be printed with the universal biohazard symbol or "infectious waste" in English, Spanish, or any other language. They also help to eliminate leakage problems.
  • Custom Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

    Custom Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

    Prism Pak can produce custom gusseted poly bags in any size and gauge you need. Custom printed gusseted poly bags are available as well, with nearly any lettering, logo, or label you may need. These custom gusseted poly bags are FDA and USDA approved for food contact, and they can be heat sealed or closed with twist ties, tape, or staples. A resilient bottom seal makes them durable enough for nearly any use.

  • Custom Ice Bags

    Custom Ice Bags

    Custom Ice Bags are a perfect way to advertise your brand! We have short lead times, so you never have to wait long for our products. Durability is also very important to us, so we ensure our custom ice bags can handle any weight they're gauged at. You can count on us!

  • Custom Plastic Evidence Bags

    Custom Plastic Evidence Bags

    These tamper evidence bags are perfect for forensics labs, security professionals, and law enforcement agencies. Our packaging features a high-quality seal closure system, meaning that once the items are sealed safely inside, they will remain intact until the package is reopened. Any attempt to reopen the bag will leave visible signs.

  • Custom Plastic Tamper Evident Bank Deposit Bags

    Custom Plastic Tamper Evident Bank Deposit Bags

    Prism Pak's Custom Bank Deposit Bags are approved and accepted by the Federal Reserve. We work to ensure compliance so you don't have to. Our custom bank deposit bags include a STAT tamper evident security tape, the most secure tamper evident closure system available.
  • Custom Poly Bags Bottom Seal

    Custom Poly Bags Bottom Seal

    Custom Poly Bags with a Bottom Seal have an opening at the top and feature a sealed seam at the base of the bag. They are FDA-approved, leak-proof, and can be used for a number of varied applications from packaging food items to lining boxes.

  • Custom Poly Bags on Header Pack

    Custom Poly Bags on Header Pack

    Our custom poly header bags are a great solution for packaging your products quickly and easily. These bags are packaged on headers with perforations for easy tear-off. Designed to be used with stands, wall mounts, or by hand, our custom header bags are easy to fill and for most packaging needs. Whether you’re packing toys, car parts, or anything in between, we can provide the best custom bags for your packaging requirements.

  • Custom Poly Bags on Rolls

    Custom Poly Bags on Rolls

    Plastic bags on rolls are versatile, making them useful for almost every industry, packaging small to large items of all types—from clothing to everything in between.

  • Custom Poly Bags Side Seal

    Custom Poly Bags Side Seal

    Side seal poly bags are best suited for lightweight materials, and most are less expensive than bottom seal bags. They are heat sealable and can be customized in a variety of ways to effectively advertise your business and product.

  • Custom Poly Mailers

    Custom Poly Mailers

    Custom poly mailers are a perfect choice for all businesses. These packages are equipped with an adhesive strip for creating a strong seal. Not only are they tamper-evident, but they are also water resistant, allowing you to ship your items with the confidence that your products will arrive at their destination safe and sound. Custom poly mailers are cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to store - a great way to make an impression on your customers!

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  • Custom Reverse Flip Top Poly Bags

    These custom flip-top sandwich bags make it easy to pack food items and promote your brand! These custom bags keep food safe and fresh and can be used for prepackaging products for your store shelves.
  • Custom Side Gusseted Poly Bag

    Gusseted poly bags provide excellent protection for everyday use. Prism Pak offers custom gusseted bags in various sizes, either loose in a case or on a roll, for all of your needs.
  • Custom Stand-Up Pouches

    Retail presentation is an essential part of your brand and product – let us help your packaging stand out on the shelf! We can customize any style that you see on store shelves with your logo and product information.
  • Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

    Custom Wicketed Poly Bags

    Prism Pak carries a large selection of wicketed bags ideal for a wide assortment of food packaging applications! Our custom wicketed bags are perfect for storing food items such as sandwich buns, and they offer you the durability to keep your products fresh and safe.

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  • Custom Zip Lock Bag With Hang Hole

    Custom Zip Lock Bag with Hang Hole

    It's simple to display products with these Custom Zip Lock Bags with Hang Holes. The zipper seals the bag securely and is easy to open and close. These bags are excellent for storing, displaying, protecting, and shipping all types of products and feature convenient hang holes for display and organization.

    Don't forget to choose between an inverted T-shaped hole or OSHA hole, meant for keeping the bag centered on a hanging rod, and a standard circular hole, meant for in-store use.

  • Custom T-Shirt Bags

    These lightweight bags are strong and easy to carry. Made up of high-density plastic, the custom-made t-shirt bags are resistant to punctures or tears. Their gusseted sides give extra storage space for bulkier items