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Cube Boxes

Cube boxes are designed to disburse product weight evenly for easier stacking. From cupcakes to cylindrical items like toilet paper, this popular size box is great for creating smart packaging solutions that suit your business and brand needs. The cube shape offers stability during transit and a secure closure system means you'd have peace of mind knowing that your customers' belongings are safe and sound! Made from quality materials, our cube boxes provide an ideal capital efficient way to package a range of products - from round items such as candles, bottles or jars to regularly-used rectangular ones like shampoo bars or hand creams. Easy to assemble and sold in convenient bundle quantities, they can be shipped flat, cutting down on storage and shipping costs.

- Disperses product weight evenly
- Sturdy cardboard construction
- Compatible with any home printer for customized branding options
- Available in multiple sizes

- Stronger design allows for better protection against damage during shipment - Offers extra stability when stacking shipping boxes on pallets
- Robust profile allows for more secure closure systems
- Faster assembly times - no glue required

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