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Polypropylene Bags | Flat Polypropylene Bags

Perfect for packaging food, crafts, and industrial parts, our Flat Polypropylene Bags offer excellent clarity to present your products in their best possible light. These bags are made from strong polypropylene that feature excellent moisture and vapor properties to extend the shelf life of your products. The flat design keeps your items safe while the high melting point makes these bags FDA-compliant. These polypropylene bags contain no latex, mercury, sulfur, nitrogen, heavy metals, BPA, polyvinyl chlorides, phthalates, PBB, BHT, DEHP or DEHA. They are also recyclable!

- Excellent clarity for product presentation
- High melting point
- Moisture resistant
- Chemical resistant, including resistance to water, salt, and acid solutions
- Compliant with all FDA regulations

- Keeps your items safe and secure while preserving their integrity
- Extend shelf life of stored products due to moisture resistance properties
- Durable enough to protect against breakage or damage during transit or storage
- Stylish and professional display of your products