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FDA Compliant

All of our stock LDPE, LLDPE, and Cast PP bags are manufactured using FDA compliant Resin. Our wholesale poly bags & film are manufactured using exclusively virgin polyethylene, no reprocessed or scrap resins. The lot numbers and special markings on our cases allow us to document the purity of the raw materials selected. The quality of resin also ensures an exceptional finished product with regard to clarity, strength, and economy.

All of our LDPE and LLDPE poly bags are recyclable. To find out whether your recycling plant accepts low density bags, look for the national recycling symbol encircling number 4. Number 4 is the society of plastics Industry code for LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

Prompt Custom Capabilities
In addition to our stock offering of poly bags, poly bags on a roll, gusseted poly bags or flat poly bags, we are your most reliable access to custom sizes and products. Our lead times on special orders will surprise you.

Quality Products start with state of the art manufacturing
To ensure the highest quality product at competitive prices, we utilize superior raw materials, sophisticated machinery, strict quality control and dedicated employees – around the clock, six days a week. Our manufacturing process, called in-line production because of the continuous flow between the extrusion of film and the making of poly bags, is the most efficient and economical method in use today.

Control Film size and quality are monitored continuously. Sample poly bags from each box are tested. Every carton is weighed, recorded, inspected and stamped for quality assurance