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Red Infectious Waste Liners

Red Infectious Waste Liners are specially designed to safely collect medical waste. These liners are printed with universal symbols and words that identify the contaminated contents for proper disposal. The sealed biohazard liners create a barrier between potential infectious material and nurses, workers, or facility staff. Red Infectious Waste Liners feature strong sealable components and tear-resistant construction to ensure items are contained within the bag until transferred and disposed of according to all respective regulations.

- Printed symbols and phrases clearly indicate the dangerous contents
- Sealed sealable liner prevents leakage while in transport
- Sturdy enough to contain hazardous waste without ripping or tearing
- Fully tested by certified medical labs

- Prevents unnecessary exposure to hazardous waste materials
- Fully compliant with all health code regulations
- Protects staff and other personnel handling waste during transfer processes

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