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Prism Pak Plan & Blueprint Bags are great for archiving & shipping!

  • Water-resistant: no more surprises from water penetrating the bag in shipment.
  • Self-sealing adhesive flap: our thick 2 mil adhesive is the same used on our deposit bags to secure Federal Reserve Shipments!
  • Lighter weight: Plastic Plan bags are less than 1/2 the weight of a comparable paper bag, saving $ and fuel on shipping!
  • Greater strength: Made of Super Tuff Co-ex polyethylene, our 2 mil plan bags uses a special plastic blend than makes them twice as strong as out competitor's 3 mil bag, at 33% less weight!
  • Economically priced: Our plastic plan bags are 40% cheaper than comparable paper bags
  • Plastic blueprint bags require less storage space - only 25% of the storage area that Paper require
HOT TIP: Need a longer bag than what's listed? Telescope 2 plan bags together to get the fit you need!
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Planning for Green - Prism Pak's Commitment to the Environment:

Prism Pak is committed, not only to selling quality products at the lowest prices, but also ensuring the bags that we manufacture & sell have the lowest negative environmental impact that they can without comprising product integrity. Our plan bags are made from 35% recycled material. We've put together the following chart comparing plastic & paper lifecycles so that you can make informed decisions about the materials that you buy. Know that we stand behind our environmental commitment. To read complete details of our product line sustainability, click here.

Energy to Produce40% less than paper - 594BTU or .17408 kwh+40% more than plastic - 2511 BTU or .7359 kwh
Water to Produce4% of the water needed to produce paper bags. 58 gallons/1500 bags+96% more water to produce than plastic.1004 gallons/1000bags
Weight/landfill space2000 bags=30lbs2000 bags=280lbs
GreenHouse Gas Emissions50% less than composted paper. 4,645 tons/150 million bags+50% more than plastic. 7,621 tons/100 million bags
Energy to recycle91% less energy per lb than paper+91% more than plastic
Air pollutants70% less than paper+70% more than plastic
Water Pollution50x less than paper50x more than plastic

To Make 1 ton of Plastic, it takes:Plastic from Natural ResourcesPlastic from Recycled Material
Oil/Natural Gas7,850 lbs0
Plastic02,000 lbs
Energy Required (HDPE)21,471 kwh1,074 kwh