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Trash Tamer Linear Low Density Trash Liners

  • Trash Tamer Linear Low Density Trash Liners are made with a strong, tear-resistant plastic that's incredibly reliable and heavy-duty yet still ultra flexible. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any waste bin, these liners make it easy to keep your environment clean and comfortable for everyone. Ideal for residential and commercial use alike, their superior puncture resistance promises no messes or spills. Keep your trash contained with the Trash Tamer Linear Low Density Trash Liners!

    - Heavy-duty yet flexible construction
    - Superior puncture resistance prevents tearing or ripping
    - Variety of sizes available
    - Compatible with manual or automated trash bins

    - Easy to use – just lift handles and tie securely when full
    - Time saving – quickly remove full bags without having to empty contents into a new one
    - Practical – great for kitchens, workshops, restaurants & more
    - Economical – an affordable solution that can be used time after time