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Commonly Used Terms

  1. Coex – Coextruded; a multilayer film or coating in which each distinct layer  is formed by a suimultaneous extrusion of hot  polymers through a single die.
  2.  Combination Run – A common image remains throughout a print run; plate or color changes are made for different design elements such as weight marks, UPC codes, ingredients etc.  In flexo, line plates can be changed but process color plates cannot.
  3. LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene.  Low cost Resin.  LDPE film has good moisture barrier, heat sealability, and strength.
  4. LLDPE – Linear Low Density Polyethylene.  LLDPE has the same features as LDPE but is stronger  with better hot tack strength. 
  5. Bag Width – The distance across the opening of a bag – Always placed first in designating bag size specs.
  6. Lip – flap of film extending beyond the opening of the bag.
  7. Gusset – folded film at the bottom or side of a bag that expands to increase bag capacity.
  8. Freon Proof-- Non-freon-proof adhesive closures can be sprayed with this chemical and the adhesive will crystallize and lose its adhesion, allowing undetectable tampering.