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Barrier Bags

Bags offer superior protection against electrostatic discharge, EMI/RF radiation, and moisture. These bags are specially designed to provide a highly effective moisture barrier and excellent ESD protection when properly packaged and sealed. The barrier material is formulated from multiple layers of polyethylene, nylon and aluminum foil to create an effective moisture barrier that inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation of sensitive components. Perfect for packaging any electronic components prone to damage from static or moisture.

- Water proof for superior moisture resistance
- 99% effective in blocking EMI/RFI radiation
- Excellent ESD protection meets EIA 583 Class 1 requirements

- Protects contents from electrostatic discharge
- Protects contents from dampness, corrosion, oxidation and other types of damage due to static or moisture
- Superior quality construction ensures that your items stay secure with no risk of leakage

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