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Seal Top StratoGrey™ Static Shielding Bags

Seal Top StratoGrey™ Static Shielding Bags provide an extra layer of protection for static sensitive components. Manufactured with a dual coating of thermoplastic resin, these bags offer excellent static shield protection combined with a rugged exterior that withstands storage, transportation, and assembly line handling. The low outgassing and amine/amide-free interior provides cleanliness requirements needed to protect polycarbonate surfaces. For added security, the 3/8" side seal creates a tamper evident closure ensuring the contents stay protected during multiple handling moves.

- Dual Coating Of Thermoplastic Resin
- Amine/Amide Free Interior
- 3/8" Side Seal For Tamper Evidence

- Great Protection Against Static Discharge
- Outgassing And Corrosion Will Be Prevented
- Keep Contents Safe And Secure During Handling

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