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LK Packaging Wraps and Sheets

LK Packaging Wraps and Sheets are the perfect companion to your food establishment. Our wraps and sheets provide superior protection compared to traditional wax paper wraps and are much more recyclable than plastic or foil alternatives. They are ideal for wrapping foods such as sandwiches, wraps, and subs as well as other items such as candies, flowers, and anything else you might find in a sandwich shop.

- Durable materials that can withstand plenty of uses
- Odorless design for a clean eating experience
- Grease resistant material prevents oils from seeping onto clothing or other surfaces
- Flattens easily for storage

- Keeps foods fresher longer while preventing sogginess due to condensation
- Pouches enhance presentation of all types of pre-wrapped products with clear visibility of contents
- Equally suited for both hot and cold food temperatures so no need to swap inventory when temperatures change outside
- Easy to transport; great for grab & go applications
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