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Gusset and Flat Bags

Gusset and Flat Bags are space-saving packaging solutions that can accommodate a range of products. Our Gusset Bags have an expandable base and sides giving them the flexibility to stand up when filled, saving you shelf space and making it easy to transport. Our Flat Bags offer superior visuals while offering ultimate space-efficiency with sealed edges, making them perfect for lightweight products such as cookie and popcorn.

-Gusset Bag: Expandable base & sides, Easy to transport, Self standing
-Flat Bag: Superior visuals, Sealed edges, Space efficient

-Gusset Bag: Maximum product visibility on store shelves, Flexibility to fit different product shapes/sizes
-Flat Bag : Maximum shelf impact/visibility, perfect way to show off your branding elements.

Bottom Gusset Bags on Wicket

Polyethylene Flat Bags
Polyethylene Flat Bags

Polyethylene Side Gusset Bags