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Seal Top Pink Anti-Static Bags

Seal Top Pink Anti-Static Bags provide optimum protection for sensitive electronic components to reduce the risk of static charge. The pink bag material is amine-free and has a surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/sq.in., making it perfect for protecting your valuable components while allowing easy access without the fear of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our anti-static bags are strong, clear and resealable, making them ideal for long term storage and multiple times access.

- Surface resistivity of 1012 ohms/sq. in.
- Amine free construction
- Transparent to see contents
- Strong and durable with resealable top closure

- Effectively eliminates the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing and shipping
- Easily identifies contents without having to open the package
- Keeps sensitive electronics protected from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage

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