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Flat Bags for Healthcare

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Elkay Flat Bags for Healthcare are the perfect choice for protecting and storing medical devices, tools and components. Constructed from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), these bags provide superior protection against moisture, dust and everyday dirt. They also protect against oil and fatty acids, making them an excellent option for storing healthcare products and sensitive components. Measuring 15” wide or less, the bags come in dispenser packs of 100 so they are easy to open and access while meeting FDA requirements for use in food applications.

- Manufactured from high quality LDPE
- No side seals or slits that can tear
- Dispenser packs of 100 keep your workspace clean
- FDA approved for use with food applications

- High quality protection at an affordable price
- Superior protection against moisture, dust and dirt
- Prevent the possible contamination of contaminates such as oil and fatty acids
- Easy to store in clean organized manner, reducing clutter
- Time saving with quick access dispenser packs