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.6 Mil TUF-R Std Linear Low Density Gusset Bags

Our .6 Mil. TUF-R Standard Gusset Bags will provide the extra strength and puncture resistant needed for any application. Made from virgin Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), these bags meet FDA requirements for use with food applications, meaning you can trust that your products are safe and secure. The linear low density gives this bag extra strength and flexibility while still keeping a thin wall profile which allows you to save money while still providing the security needed. Plus, these bags are more eco friendly than LDPE Bags!

-Made of Virign LLDPE Material
-Meets FDA Requirements -Extra Strength & Puncture Resistance
-Thin Wall Profile

-Cost Savings Over LDPE
-Environmental Friendly
-Enhanced Protection & Durability
-Strong Sealing Closure

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