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Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing

Product Description: Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing is the perfect solution for protecting sensitive electronic components during shipping, packaging, and storage. This pink anti-static material contains additives that actively eliminate the threat of static damage without compromising your valuable items. The tubing has been designed with superior surface resistivity so it won’t damage even the most delicate and sensitive products. Use this tubular protection to ensure that your electronics are safe during transit or while stored in an environment where they may be exposed to hazardous levels of static electricity. Cut the Pink Anti-Static Poly Tubing to any length required for each individual electronic component in order to guarantee maximum safety protection.
- Contains special additives which actively minimise electrostatic charge build up
- High surface resistivity eliminates risk of damaging fragile components
- Amine free for safe use with polycarbonate boards
- Perfect solution for safely shipping and storing delicate electronic components
- Easy to cut tubing to provide tailored protection
- Keeps sensitive items safe from hazardous levels of static electricity
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